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Almatse, DragonZilla
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Before writing my first fanfic I was writing short stories. Most of it got published, but I did it all under a pseud. Honestly, English is not my native language. But because of my job I need it daily, so all goes well momentarily.

The fanfic I'm writing is a first long story, so I'll see how that goes. But no worries, it will get finished, the outlines are there already. So all I need to do is write and let the inspiriation flow.

I don't proofread and I have no Beta Readers, since I publish quite fast. I do revise after a day or two to correct mistakes that I missed or things I forgot to mention. If I wouldn't do it this way, I wouldn't succeed in posting a lot. Ms perfectionist here... So I really need to let it go right after I finished writing. Still have to find my way around a bit, so it's only a matter of time before I find a system that works better for everyone and that allows me to keep up on updating at least once every week.

But anyways, enjoy my content!