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    Patrick has two goals for himself when he comes to Chicago:

    Win the Stanley Cup.

    And don’t let anyone find out he’s a wolf.


    26 Jan 2016

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    Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics - it either strikes fear or desire in your heart when you see those tags. I’m old, so I remember a time before Supernatural’s kink meme caused this dynamic to explode all over all the other fandoms in some sort of weird cultural self-lubing ass way. The thing about A/B/O fic is that it can incorporate just about every other kink in - werewolf, mpreg, heat, knotting, mating, bonding, fuck or die, etc…It’s very versatile in meeting any kink desires. At the same time, in a less porny way, it can really be a fascinating take on social structures and relationships in a world where biology and gender are separated. Each gender is one of the three biological subsets, so women can be alpha-fathers to male omega mothers and so forth.

    In a world where both genders can give birth, it’s interesting to see how different writers decide how their world’s society handles that compared to our society. I think we as (primarily) women sometimes want to write about how it feels to be in a world where there are expectations/traditional roles based on our ability to procreate - whether to explore what that means in general or to fight against it within fic. And yet, we also may not want to write it as male/female because that hits too close to home. Gender roles separated from biological roles are a great way to explore dynamics that we wouldn’t be comfortable exploring elsewhere.

    So that’s my buildup for Linksy’s amazing fic that doesn’t actually cover much of the A/B/O dynamic world building because her world is split down the middle between our world and Kane’s wolf world. One of the things I find really interesting about this world is that wolves are known but looked down on, and there are no “out” wolves in the NHL. So the entire fic, Kane is keeping his real inner wolf on the DL and seeing how other teammates react to the idea of wolves (negatively), etc… Basically, to me, in her universe, being a wolf is the equivalent of being gay in our universe. She creates a very real universe where wolves are highly social and need that connection. Kane, as an omega, feels that even more.

    The story itself is really about Kane’s emotional struggle with being a wolf and having to hide it while taking as many steps as possible to do so. But it’s also about the yearning that comes with not allowing yourself to be true to your own needs. During this time, he develops feelings for Toews but doesn’t dare have a relationship with him because that would out him as a wolf (self-lubing butts aren’t the norm for human males). He thinks he’s formed a wolf-fixation on him, because humans and wolves can’t form mating bonds without a lot of effort and trying. Little does he know…

    This is a very satisfying story that I feel works in the alpha/beta/omega world alongside our own world and acts as a metaphor for being gay in an unaccepting world. It is very well written and brings a lot of angst with happy ending feelings that hit all my happy fanfic buttons and probably will other people’s as well. I am happy to rec this story to people to read.