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    In which Derek finds his words and Stiles learns to growl.


    24 Sep 2020

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    “Communication. You suck at it. We’re all kind of bad but you’re definitely the worst. I have a plan though! I’m going to teach you how to use your words!”

    He was telling his betas how to kill the creature of the week when Stiles banged in shouting he knew how to kill the creature. He went quiet when he realized Derek already knew.
    They went off to kill it. Derek didn’t bother telling Stiles to stay behind because:
    Stiles never listens.
    Stiles wasn’t in his pack and, therefore, not his responsibility.
    Derek was done trying.
    They fought and won. And after checking to make sure his betas were fine, he got in his car and drove off. He was unsurprised that Stiles followed him.
    “Why didn’t you ask for my help researching? Or did you already know? Because I talked to Scott and that thing has been in the woods for a few weeks. You realize it took me, like, a day to figure it out? Two people died and we could’ve prevented it.”
    Derek knew. He felt like shit that he wasn’t better. But he’d done his best.
    “Well? Derek? Are you even listening?”
    Derek just looked at him, waiting for this to be done. He knows better than to try. The moment he figures out what to say, Stiles will rush in with another torrent of words while berating him for his lack of social skills.

    Derek, in a rare good mood, had let Stiles up into the loft. They were researching and it was fairly peaceful.
    “Stiles. I’m sorry about the other day. It was my little brother’s birthday.”
    “Did you just apologize? With words? Looks like old dogs really can learn new tricks,” Stiles said with a grin.
    And Derek’s good mood died a swift and sudden death. He’d been trying and this is what he gets for it?
    “Could you stop with the dog jokes?”
    “Never! You need to lighten up. Stop brooding so much over your man-pain,” Stiles had that teasing half-grin.
    “Jesus Christ! What the fuck is wrong with you?” Cora shouted.
    Stiles startled because he hadn’t noticed her, “Wha–”
    “Derek apologizes for being rude because it was our dead brother’s birthday and you make a shitty, insulting joke about it? Then you belittle our loss by teasing Derek about his ‘man-pain’? I don’t understand why Derek even gives you the time of day, given how much of a monumental asshole you are,” Cora is growling with glowing eyes, “How many times has Derek asked you to stop making dog jokes?”
    “Uh, what? Lots?” Stiles said when he realized Cora wanted an actual answer.
    “Do you know what the hunters were calling us when I was fleeing? Dogs. Animals. They were making dog jokes and laughing about it. You’re always telling Derek to ‘use his words’ but you never listen when he does? I totally get why Derek wants to wash his hands of this shitty town, if you’re the best of McCall’s garbage pack.”
    And this? Is why Derek’s been so happy to have Cora back. It feels amazing to finally have someone on his side. Someone who’ll defend him. It feels like he has a real pack again.

    Several people in their vicinity were looking on in amusement. The juxtaposition of one of the least verbal werewolves in town with a human who never stops talking is endearing. Especially since Stiles was interacting with Derek’s non-verbal signals as if it was a dialogue.

    Werewolves got a lot of information from their environment. Part of staying in control was filtering out what wasn’t important. People didn’t gossip when there weren’t really any secrets. No thrill or satisfaction in it. Most people could smell his pack affiliation, so they knew he was trustworthy. And, thus, most simply didn’t care who he was or what he was doing in their town. Anyone who did care asked outright like the woman.

    Passive-aggressively talking shit about someone? Not okay. Walking up to them and saying that you thought they were garbage? Fine. Whatever.
    It explained so much about Derek’s behaviour when they’d met. Not sugar coating anything. He’d written in his letter that he’d interacted with Stiles like a wolf. Stiles finally understood just how true that was. Made Stiles realize that he’d started earning Derek’s respect because he’d been willing to talk shit about Derek to his face, instead of muttering behind his back. For someone like Derek, who was so imposing and intense, he heard people talking shit about him all the time when he was around humans.
    But rarely to his face.

    “Hey, Scott. Just wanted to let you know that we’re in town. Making sure the alpha knows there’s another pack around,” Stiles explained.
    “Dude, you know you’re always welcome. Same with you guys,” Scott said with a nod to Cora and Derek, “We didn’t always get along but this is your home too. Wait, what pack? You mean Cora and Derek?”
    “Well, yeah. Them and me.”
    Scott’s eyes flashed red and he growled, “Stiles, you’re in my pack.”
    Stiles growled back and it startled the aggression out of Scott.

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    Look, Derek is the worst. Everyone knows that. Their fearless leader is a total and complete failwolf.

    Which means the rest of them? Are kind of the worst too. They’re a ramshackle, slap dashed, sorry excuse for a pack that’s about a half second away from getting one of them killed. And this is a problem, because Stiles would really like to survive high school. Thanks.

    Still, nobody deserves what Derek has gone through. Nobody.

    And it’s about time somebody told him that.


    22 Jan 2020

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    “Where’s Scott?”“What am I, his keeper?”Judging by the look leveled his way, Stiles would say yes, that’s exactly what he thinks.

    “Then what are you doing here?”Right. They are a unit, except that Scott has a value beyond ScottandStiles, and Stiles does not.

    Derek desperately needs someone. Someone who actually cares how he’s doing, someone who doesn’t need him to have all the answers. He can’t confide in the betas because they look to him to lead, and his relationship with Scott is contentious at best. Jackson and Lydia are equally self-absorbed, Allison is an Argent. Peter is straight up nutballs. That leaves Stiles.

    “You weren’t at the meeting.””Scott couldn’t make it, so I figured there wasn’t really any point in my going either, right?”“I didn’t ask Scott to come. I asked you.”

    Stiles looks at Jackson a long time. Jackson looks right back. He has a bone deep feeling that he’s underestimated him, that there’s something about Jackson he’s been missing for a long time. And Jackson knows it. He knows it, and he’s not wasting his time holding it over Stiles’ head. He’s just sitting there waiting for Stiles to get it, to catch up.

    P only appears at the base of each page. Jackson is smart enough to know they may never be able to rely on Peter to show up. M only appears once with the rest of the lettered circles but on the rest of the sheets sits next to P. It takes him a second to realize that S doesn’t stand for Scott. M does. McCall. S stands for Stiles.

    “You think I don’t like you. You’re smart, you’re loyal, and you know exactly who you are. And you don’t give a shit if anyone likes you or not. I’ve always liked you. It’s McCall I can’t stand.” “But Scott is-” “Self-centered, jealous, and petty. He’s a selfish little shit who only shows up when it suits him. He doesn’t deserve your loyalty. If you called me because you needed back up, I wouldn’t hang up on you. And I wouldn’t shove you aside just because I got a girlfriend. He’s insecure, and he takes it out on you.”

    “I don’t settle on my friends, Stiles. I choose them. Carefully. And if you think you’re the kind of person that needs to be settled for, then clearly I have some work to do. God, McCall has done shit for you. You make yourself small for him. You don’t have to do that with me.”

    Stiles stands there a moment, and wonders if he stands there long enough, if he thinks hard enough, whether he’ll be able to come up with the exact moment his dad stopped trusting him at his word.

    “Are you okay?””No.”He’s staring at Stiles like Stiles has the answer to his problem, like he can fix it, and Stiles would think that’s a responsibility he’s absolutely not prepared for except he totally volunteered. He’s the President, Vice President, and Secretary of the Committee for the Preservation and Protection of Derek Hale.

    “Stiles, you’re more wolf than any bitten were I’ve ever met. You’re vicious, and loyal. You’d rip apart anybody who hurt someone you love.”“You’re damn right.”Derek pauses, says softly, hesitantly,“You’d rip someone apart for me?” God, that makes Stiles ache. Makes him burn, makes him hurt.”Without hesitation.”

    “You talk about your failings as an Alpha, but God…what about the victories? What about the triumphs? Do you have any idea how proud of you your mom would be?”

    “My pack has this covered, Scott. You can head on home. But thanks for coming anyway, in case we needed you. We’ve got this,” Derek says with a small, sure smile. A clear dismissal.

    “What am I missing? What am I not seeing?” “Why are you asking me?” “Because one plus one plus one plus one equals four, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t make it equal four. And everyone knows that when a problem needs to be solved, you look to the smartest person in the room.” “Well in this case, I’m not the smartest person in the room. You are. It’s not a math problem, Stiles. It’s a logic problem. In this case, one plus one plus one plus one is never going to equal four. You just have to figure out why.” “And what it equals instead.”

    “What the hell was that? You ripped her heart out with your hand.” “I told you,” Peter says deeply serious, “Stiles is my favorite.”

    “We didn’t exactly have a game plan drawn up for this situation.” Jackson lifts an eyebrow, reaches into his backpack, pulls out a sheet of paper. No acronyms this time. At the top, Jackson has written Stiles Gets Kidnapped by a Witch Who Wants to Make Him Her Bitch. Stiles grins. Amazing. He’s going to frame this.

    “I’ve always had your back. Always. Why couldn’t you have mine? Why couldn’t you be happy for me?” Stiles already knows the answer. Stiles has always picked Scott first, over everyone else, and Scott never thought that would change. He never thought he’d have to put in the effort to keep Stiles, so now he has no idea how to put in the work of being someone’s friend.