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    So I love this game. I love love love Backstage pass. And more so than that I love the characters. especially John (British accents, you have to understand man I just can't not just agh) So I do absolutely love Sian's relationships with the characters, but I thought I'd go and take that to the next level. Effectively I've created a group of OC's that are close with Sian and get to experience these routes (and my own post game plots) in her place. Don't worry I"m not replacing her, she follows the Adam route, while her friends get to experience the other amazing plot lines of this game, with my own twists and turns, and their own unique reactions and interactions. For the most part I will be focusing on Hina Thompson, who is the character I have created as a pairing to John. I liked the idea of creating my own characters to match up with some of the ones I liked (John, Benito, and Lloyd mostly) because it would allow a creative and fresh take on these relationships. Think of this as a AU, and a chance to just get some more of the amazing characters from this game.