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    Based on a late night chat with a friend about the various things that could go 'wrong' and make so much right with Weiss Kreuz. Kudoh Yohji is whack. Seriously, the radio plays, the show, Gluhen. So we talked it out and came up with this idea that just wouldn't let go. What if Kudoh Yohji was really a missing member of Esset's crew of supernatural talents? And then it all just fell into place. Smooth Yohji, the guy who always seems to know how to joke around with the guys, wrap the ladies around his fingers, get people to trust him, and why they heck would they? He's prone to screaming nightmares, smokes like a forest fire, drinks like a fish, criminally irresponsible in his fashion habits, drives a rolling penis (vintage car) and Kritiker (the good guys!?) seems to have no problem with assigning him to bed women for information! He's trained to use a particularly nasty weapon that makes him even more deadly than Aya and his big damned can opener. And later on, he takes to strangling just about every woman he goes to bed with. I mean seriously!

    Well, we cured him of all that. So this AU is about the continuing destruction the bleached blond terror inflicts on the world around him.



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