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    In the far future of the year 2300, humanity has spread to the stars. Via blurring ships stuttering across the three great arms of expansion, colonies beautiful and inhospitable are founded to push back the frontier of unknown space.

    At the edge of space, a new menace arrives - and on a small starship, a man develops powers unimaginable. As the first existential threat to mankind sweeps across the French Arm, 4th Officer Remi Veroix goes from freighter engineer to Man's last hope against the dying of the light.

    Mongoose 2300 is a realistic science fiction roleplaying game, and this fic is written within the rules and game system. Bracketed rolls determine the fate of characters, with only Remi's psionics, wit, and a little GM Fiat keeping him from grisly death amid caustic stars.

    Though the Kafer War on the French Arm is a major part of the story, Remi's will span the entirety of charted human space - from the chaotic cyberpunk of the core to the dusty deserts of the American Arm, or the exotic aliens of the Chinese Arm. Take a gander at 2300 - as it's meant to be played.