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    The story is based on the plot of Carl Maria von Weber’s opera “Der Freischütz”. Friedrich Kind wrote the libretto.

    A rural area, somewhere in Germany, in the 1650s, shortly after the 30-Year War.

    Shocked by the intensity of his feelings for his hunting companion Kaspar – and Kaspar’s feelings for him – Max, a young huntsman, ends the relationship he sees as sinful. He turns his attention to Agathe, his employer’s daughter. To win her hand in marriage, he has to undergo a test to prove his marksmanship at the hunting party of the local prince – a dilemma, because Max, otherwise a sure shot, has not hit anything for weeks.

    In his despair, he listens to Kaspar, who seems to offer a solution to Max’s problem …

    • 21 Jan 2015


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      Germany, in the 1650, shortly after the 30-year wars. Max, a young huntsman, has a relationship with one of the older hunters, Kaspar. Max leaves him and are trying to form a life with his employer's daughter, Agathe. To marry her, Max needs to make a shot. He's been having bad luck with the shooting lately. When Kaspar offers to help him, he agrees, even if they'll use black magic. Things does not go well.

      His lynx eyes gleam wildly and inscrutably, his last kiss, more a bite, tastes of blood. - Lord, oh Lord, what am I doing?

      Very interesting retelling/version of the story. Nicely formatted, with many good details, believable characters and interesting development. Fitting language, in places poetic. Thestory about Max and Kaspar is a bit sad, of course, but it works and I like the ending. Good symbolism and reocurring themes. Easy to follow the story even if you're not familiar with the canon. I also liked the treatment of Agathe, she isn't "in the way" or "in between", she's a good character in her own right and seems like a good person. Interesting description of the Wild Hunt, also the HOly Man of the Forest. Especially the forging of the bullets were well described. I also liked the description of Kaspar when he lies alone in Wolf's Glen.


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