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    Sparky has lived his whole life with the safety of a nice private school and an upper-middle-class family, but when his dad gets fired from his job and moves the family across the country to Washington, Sparky isn't sure what to do. His family doesn't have the funds to send him to a private school, so instead, he's forced to go to the not-so-nice public school. At first, he thinks everyone there is weird. They all have something a little off about them. Shadow is always making jokes about how much he hates himself. Hopper's way too paranoid about everything. Beo says he's pastel goth, but he only wears dark red and black. Cupid is always carrying a marshmallow gun around (she says it used to be a bow and arrow, but it was taken away from her due to safety concerns). Spot's... spot. and then there's Lucy, the way-to-smart-to-be-here-girl who just happens to be the student council president. Sparky decides that he wants to date her, but dating her means meeting her friends, and in this town, no one is normal. Maybe not even Lucy.

    This chapter: Sparky hate school. Spot hate sparky. Sparky meet friend... or twoowW???1? Maybe school not be so bad?



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