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Lionheart involves many different side arcs.

Arc Zero - takes place during season one of revolution.
Arc One - takes place during season one - six of doctor who
Arc Two - takes place during the first two movies of aos.
Arc Three - takes place during season three to six of tng.
Arc Four - takes place during all of enterprise.
Arc Five - takes place during the first couple of seasons of DS9 (currently watching for the first time, will update as i continue through the seasons)
Arc Six - takes place during season four to seven of voyager.


This series has been a long time coming, i started planning ana and her story near the end of 2010, when i was only in year eight.

as time went on, so did her story and the way she talked, look & reacted to certain situations, as of this day ana is my longest ever original character - with almost twice as many "planned" stories than any of my others.

i appreciate each and every one of you who decide to take minutes out of your time to read her story, i am trying my best to update regularly, but it has been a common problem of mine that i sometimes don't feel great about the work i am producing and the direction my story is going.

however, i am in the process of starting the series YET again - but this time starting from the VERY beginning. ana's origins, all the way through the first season of revolution, where she is from and how she grew up in a world without power and a father who is general of the most dangerous militia of the century.

i love all my readers, and can't wait to see what you think of future story arcs and one shots xx


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