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The Magpies series covers the events of the broadcast series three and four, "translated" into my universe. I wrote a lot of it before the episodes were broadcast and made some of my themes into AU (such as the Holmes parents and the sibling). Darker, more intense and angsty than Game Theory and Fallen Angel, the Magpies stories show the effects of the hiatus on all concerned. When parts five to 8 are completed, the series will bring the Ford saga to a conclusion.


Following Sherlock's collapse at the end of the Fallen Angel series, in Magpies: One for Sorrow Sherlock undergoes therapy and struggles to rebuild his relationship with John Watson and Mary, as well as Mycroft. Serious mental health issues are addressed, and some of the traumatic events of the hiatus are revealed. Magpies: Two for Joy focuses on his return to Baker Street and his planning the Watson wedding, alongside a lot of case fic mentioned in passing in Sign of Three broadcast episode, but developed here in much more detail to show Sherlock's growing obsession with how some cases link together into a coherent whole, in which Mycroft and events in Georgia feature significantly.

This is the point in my universe where events, characters and themes developed in some of my other series and stories (see below) are drawn together with Game Theory, Fallen Angel and the start of the Magpies series.

The next two stories in the Magpies series step outside of the chronological timeline to focus on two key characters and how they have fitted into the universe of my stories over many years. Magpies: Thee for a Girl is all about Mary—her back story. Magpies: Four for a Boy is the story of Fitzroy S Ford, the villain who has been behind so much of what has come before in my stories. The secret sibling of my stories was conceived of two full years before Mofftiss intimated anything about "the other one." All I can say is that Ford makes Eurus look tame.


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