Agnu Ra Nutû

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An alternate universe where Thorin was born inùdoyinh (son who is female), and became Melhekhûn (king who is male) after Azanulbizar. Nori, at some point during the exile, became Thorin's lover, though not any sort of official consort, for a variety of reasons. Fíli and Kíli are aware that Thorin was born female, but Kíli doesn't care, and Fíli simply keeps his mouth shut about it, because it wouldn't really change anything anyway.

Also, Denethor is born female, but raised and named as male, because Ecthelion needs an heir, and his wife cannot have more children. Even Denethor's older sisters don't know he is female-bodied. Finduilas learns he is female-bodied before she marries him, and so there will be the need for a discreet third involved in order for there to be children.


I don't usually write gender changes, though this one pretty much hit me with a brick, and told me I was going to write the first one. The second story wasn't quite so blunt, but then, the POV is Nori, rather than Thorin, so that may have something to do with it.

Kíli, too, in some ways is dealing with gender-fun, because he's the younger, and technically would be a nathithûn in this AU - a daughter who is male. But he is inùdoy, and I'm not sure why that is. (I'm sure the muses will sort it out, and give me a story about it, eventually.)

And for those interested in the words, I will not be updating all the words to reflect the changes in the Neo-Khuzdul dictionary, particularly the way of distinguishing between male and female in a number of words. I could go into a good deal of meta here, but I don't have the space to do so in the notes here, so it is likely I will do a post to DW on the subject at some point.


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