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Secundus: Mad Science Capital of the World. A city spoken of with equal reverence and fear. A place where the fantastically intelligent Touched, the newly-undead Reanimated, the stitched-together Fabricated, the steam- and electrically-powered Automatons, and all manner of creature in-between can thrive. In this place, anything is possible through the power of SCIENCE!

Including -- as Victor Van Dort discovers -- love, friendship, and discovering home isn't always where you grew up.


Welcome, everyone, to the crossover mess that is Secundus! This verse is the result of three things:

1. Me really getting into steampunk/mad sciencey stuff in 2010 (notably the webcomics "Narbonic" and "Girl Genius")

2. Me truly falling in love with Corpse Bride and its main character Victor Van Dort and wanting to feature him in that year's NaNoWriMo

3. Me turning into the crossover queen and wanting to put as many fandoms as possible into said NaNoWriMo.

The result was the first story in this series, "Secundus" -- a story all about my favorite characters in a world of steampunk joy. I won NaNoWriMo with perhaps the first two-thirds of the story, then continued on and managed to complete it in full in 2012. And while I was completing it, I decided to go ahead and roleplay the version of Victor I'd created for it around LiveJournal -- specifically, at a prompt community. As you might imagine, with that much inspiration, "Secundus" didn't long stay a one-shot idea. I quickly came up with plans for two sequels, and wrote a ton of short fic set across many different time periods in the verses' history.

And then The Forgotten Vows Verse showed up, and everything got put on hold for a bit while I worked on that one. In 2017, however, I decided I was going to get at least the first Secundus sequel started that November -- and thus, was this series born here on AO3. I hope you enjoy my old steampunky fandom squee as much as I did (and do).


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