Trouble's Making Everything All Right

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Two Paladins become two rough and tumble mercenaries, donning their leather coats and gun holsters, righting wrongs (while committing a few heists of their own), and fighting to get off this bleak, crime-filled planet.

Also known as Lance and Keith's Space Cowboy Adventures.

For even more adventures (ones that I couldn't quite find a place for here), check out this series: A Little Extra Trouble.

(Series being translated into Czech by the amazing Enikawa_Moriko! Click here! Now also being translated into Spanish by the incredible Tiannabeth, Over Here!)

Note: This series is intended to be read in the order it's already laid out/posted in, but naturally, I can't stop y'all from reading however you'd like :)


List of art inspired by this series (much gratitude to everyone!):
Lance and Keith as badass cowboy chibis by Enikawa_Moriko.
Lance and Keith portrait with flowers by unhooking-the-stars.
Lance and Keith as an amazing fighting duo by feastevil.
Lance and Keith and wonderfully awful space cowboy jokes by thidwicktails.
Lance straddling Keith in bed with gun holsters by 214b.
Yathir, the fabulous alien kickass grandfather who adopted Lance and Keith by thidwicktails.
Lance in his clubbing outfit, smug look, heeled boots, etc. by IllusionaryPandimonium.
Lance with his two pistols, rocking a cool shirt and smirk by sealiz.
Lance and Keith wielding pistols, wearing gloves by morgensternmary.
Lance and Keith crash-landing, in storyboards by linipik.
Lance and Keith confessing their feelings, in storyboards by linipik.
Lance and Keith struggling to survive, meeting Yathir, in storyboards by linipik.
Pidge's weapons of choice on the cowboy planet by IllusionaryPandimonium.
Lance braiding Pidge's hair by Enikawa_Moriko.
Lance and Keith facing a sunset by IllusionaryPandimonium.
Yathir and his staff, along with fab description by weblumbeblum.
Brisha looking fantastic, along with another great description by weblumbeblum.
Czanliu in his fancy clothes, and yet another fun description by weblumbeblum.
Lance and Keith in truly adorable cowboy outfits by mayuluh.
An adorable Keith wondering what an adorable Lance is up to by morgensternmary.
Grim, gorgeous, and scarred Lance and Keith by powerhh.
The power couple that is The Two McClains by powerhh.
A beautiful, smiling and scarred cowboy Lance by powerhh.
I've run out of space, so please click right here to see all the art that these wonderful folks have created!


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