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This is where I collect in chronological order all those fics that I've written about the love lives of the sons of Fëanor which are loosely linked to one another, by employing the same characterisations and the same takes on the canonical yet completely unknown wives of Curufin, Caranthir and Maglor.

All of these work as independent pieces but might be more enjoyable when read in order.


Tolkien mentions that Curufin, Caranthir and Maglor were married (HoME XII) but he tells us nothing about their wives, not even their names. I'm filling in the blanks by giving these 'textual ghosts' names and voices and writing both happy and sad stories about their marriages.

I will add more fics to this series as I write and post them. I often don't write in chronological order, but I arrange fics chronologically in this series. Some fics are one-shots whereas others are much longer, but they all share the same characterisations, headcanons about family dynamics in the House of Fëanor and take on Noldorin society.

In the 'universe' of this series, Maglor marries first, then Caranthir and lastly Curufin. Maglor's wife is called Tinweriel and she is a musician, Caranthir's wife is Tuilindien, a linguist, and Curufin marries Netyarë who is a painter. Other members of the House of Fëanor also feature in the stories.

I use Quenya names in all of the stories that take place in Valinor. Reminders of the names can be found here.

Concise summary of stories posted so far:

1 Consonance - Complete, 5 chapters - How Maglor and Tinweriel go from friendship to more
2 Your spirit calling out to mine - WIP, will be 24 chapters - Caranthir and Tuilindien's tumultuous courtship
3 Sparks fly out - Complete, 9 chapters - How Curufin and Netyarë eventually realise they are in love
4 Riding lessons – Complete, one-shot – Curufin teaches Netyarë to ride and takes her on a long excursion for the sake of privacy
5 Sparkling colours, subtler shades - Complete, one-shot - Netyarë encounters and conquers an artistic crisis
6 A name of foresight - Complete, one-shot - Netyarë tells Curufin of a vision she had about their newborn son
7 Ponds, puppies and paternal worries - Complete, 2 chapters - Curufin is not happy with Celegorm's babysitting skills
8 Burning out - Complete, 4 chapters - The gradual disintegration of Curufin and Netyarë's marriage
9 Her unwilling presence - Complete, one-shot - In wartorn Beleriand, Curufin and Celegorm feel twisted, unspoken love for women they cannot have
10 Until the breaking of the world - Complete, one-shot - Maglor's wife is gone in some ways but not all

Non-romantic stories that take place within the same 'universe', before the marriages of the brothers:
1 Brothers and other beasts - Complete, one-shot - As young children, Celegorm and Caranthir fight and make up
2 Worst-tempered - Complete, one-shot - Celegorm buys Caranthir a terrible horse that Caranthir determines to tame

Art for fics in this series can be found here on my Tumblr


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