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Austin's a YouTube singer. He's been interested in music for many years now & wants to make a career out of it. He meets Ally one day & it's all going from there. He's a fan of Pop Punk bands like Fall Out Boy, Green Day, & All Time Low, isn't afraid to speak his mind, covers songs he likes & shoots videos for them for his audience, & is, most of all, a teenager. He plays all the instruments he needs to & has help with his videos from Dez. His dad has leukemia & his mom's taking care of him. Pretty soon his world is rocked in various ways. He has many adventures along the way & is on his way to true stardom. Full of meta humor, self-awareness, crossovers, relationships, & great music, I present to all of you: Rising Star.


The Prequel was, obviously, written after the other story, but I DID go back & expand upon the original story afterwards to have expanded concepts & such that I felt the original version of the story could've used.

The way I have the story set up, it has 3 timelines after a few seasons. You'll see how when I upload the original story, though you can see how now by reading the version of it on fanfiction.net.
Basically, I had built into the series a way of expanded story opportunities by doing that. You'll see what I mean when I upload it here. It'll probably be a little while before I do though, considering I wanna make parts of the original better, as well as write the other timelines I have yet to explore. Either way, everyone's in for some really great creativity.
I call them seasons because I like to think I'm writing something akin to a TV series, as well as the fact that A&A was a TV series. Also, I wrote some chapters of the original before certain real world developments came out. I'll note those as they become apparent. It's really weird how close I came before they were done in real life.


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