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This is the reversed story of Sailor Moon centering on Mamoru Chiba, aka King of the Cardinal Rose (Cardinal King), and his four Heavenly Kings as they search for the Earth Prince and the Golden Crystal. Aided by miniature unisus named Helios and a mysterious figure named Jewel Tiara, they fight against an evil Queen and her four senshi henchmen, who also search for the Golden Crystal so that they could use it to unleash an ancient evil force to take over Earth once and for all.

This series follows Mamoru Chiba and his friends on their adventures against the Dark Kingdom and other threats that menace their Earth.


Hello! :D
Thank you for checking out Cardinal King! I wanted to make a few notes (beyond the ordering of the stories found on this page...)

1) "Isn't this a little familiar...?"

The first arc - Dark Kingdom - very closely mirrors the first arc of the Sailor Moon manga (with some winks and gleeful smiles directed towards the 90's anime) for the first twelve chapters! After that, it (and all the following stories...) kinda... hop the rails and starts on its(their) own parallel-ish path(s) with familiar-ish scenes from the manga, 90's anime, and 90's movies. There are a good amount of little changes that start separating them even within those first 12 chapters, so I'm not saying "oh just skip the first twelve chapters if you know the original story by heart!" but I had someone read the first few chapters and ask if it's at all different and ??? I want to assure you it is XD ♥

2) Names!

Ok so I know the names aren't all that easy to catch onto at first; I named the Shitennou after the colors of their gemstones and only later went 'huh... well maybe I should've made the first letters of their names match their golden kingdom persona...' but by then it was too late XD SO A QUICK RUN THROUGH OF WHO'S WHO and then their uniform color b/c hahaha it doesn't match their stone color; I went with matching the original manga coloring and extrapolated from there to match certain things in later arcs!:
Endymion-> Chiba, Mamoru -> King of the Cardinal Rose (Cardinal King)
--Signature Colors: Gold
--"Power Gem": Golden Crystal
--Power Base: Earth (life, growth), Psychometry
Zoisite–> Hanada, Kaito –> King of the North (North King)
--Signature Colors: Green; Black w/ green
--"Power Gem": Blue Zoisite --> Green Zoisite w/ black veins
--Power Base: Ice
Jadeite –> Moegi, Yuu –> King of the South (South King)
--Signature Colors: Red
--"Power Gem": Green Jadeite --> Red Jadeite w/ dark red veins
--Power Base: Fire
Nephrite –> Midori, Nero –> King of the East (East King)
--Signature Colors: Orange; Blue w/ orange
--"Power Gem": Green Nephrite --> Blue Nephrite w/ orange veins
--Power Base: Stone
Kunzite –> Kobai, Khalid –> King of the West (West King)
--Signature Colors: White/Silver; White w/ blue
--"Power Gem": Pink Kunzite --> Blue Kunzite w/ white veins
--Power Base: Metal

Power Gems...?

Listen. The Earth Kingdom wasn't exactly well-versed in all things Sailor War so they work with what they got!


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