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This is a collection of stories set in the alpha timeline. They all share continuity, which is probably most obvious in the idea of Jade, Dave, and Rose having been friends, lovers, and co-conspirators for several years before Jade's death, but they are organized by writing date rather than any attempt at internal chronological order. Additionally, they are all fluffy (for certain values of fluff), because even a dystopian timeline cannot have been unrelentingly awful, and I strongly believe in the Power of Friendship.

So, yeah. Alpha Timeline Fluff. Like it says on the tin. :)


Okay, chronological order, because I am a twitchy and semi-compulsive organizer:

1. Some Company Would Be Nice
2. The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
3. Veritas vos liberabit
4. To the Lees
5. Worth It, After All
6. Every Child a Wanted Child
7. In Spite of Time, and Death, and the Space Between the Stars
8. Gladly Beyond
9. Mad Science Family Reunion
10. Who You Are in the Dark
11. The stream of everything that runs away
12. Recipe for Success
13. Contact for Proof
14. Hollywood Shenanigans
15. A Problem That You'll Understand
16. Food and Cheer and Song

Parsing a single coherent timeline might get awkward if I write any fics about Dave and Rose set after Jane and Jake enter the Medium, or about Roxy and Dirk growing up in the future, but at the moment it's still fairly straightforward.

(...All right, yes, technically "The stream of everything that runs away" is a timeline-breaker, but I'm filing it based on the point in Dave's timeline when he accidentally zaps himself to the future rather than the point in Dirk's timeline when Dave briefly visits. It's my series, I can do what I want. *makes silly faces*)

[Content Note: The Rose/Jade/Dave threesome is a true threesome, and therefore technically includes Rose/Dave incest. Neither Rose nor Dave are aware of their genetic relationship, they were not raised as siblings, and there's never any on-page sex... but I understand that may still be a dealbreaker. If so, please skip any of the component fics marked with the full threesome ship and pretend they're a in a triangle relationship instead, with Jade at the apex. (Which is, in fact, what happened until Jade decided that scenario was inefficient and roped her two lovers into bed at the same time).]


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