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A mix of odds and ends created for the six non-rec bonus rounds during the 2015 Sports Anime Shipping Olympics on Dreamwidth. Some of these things (labeled in the tags) may be poetry, fan art, or in one case a parody music video instead of fic. *Please be gentle on images where I was working out of my element for the sake of fun!*

If you see something that was made for you, let me know your AO3 handle so that I can mark it as a gift! (Check the notes for links to fills I received.)


As I update this series, I will try to keep the assorted fandoms in order: the same series, all together, subdivided by ship within that when there are multiple works for one ship. Some stories that are sequential with each other will, obviously be reordered so that they are also sequential in this series.

And of course, I have to link the wonderful fills I received from other people!

Bonus Round 1:
Space, the Final Frontier by winterstuck (Hikaru no Go, fanart, AkiHika)

Bonus Round 2:
So now, you're a magical girl by sydlee3 (Haikyuu!!, fanfic, KageHina)

Bonus Round 3:
Kaze no Tabibito by winterstuck (TeniPuri, fanart, TeFu)
Last Game by winterstuck (TeniPuri, fanart, Echizen & Yukimura)

Bonus Round 4:
Triumph feels like flight by aeglos (Haikyuu!!, fanfic, KageHina)
High Five by kiriska (Haikyuu!!, fanart, KageHina)
Climber Family Picnic by miyukitty (YowaPeda, fanart, SanSaka+TouMaki)
Research by snakeyhoho (HikaGo, fanart, AkiHika)
Sleepytimes by winterstuck (TeniPuri, fanart, Ryo&Karu)
The Bribe by winterstuck (TeniPuri, comic gif, AtoRyo)
Catch Me by winterstuck (TeniPuri, gif, Ato&Kaba)

Bonus Round 5:
All of the following are remixes that people did of pieces I'd done earlier in the contest, and I am so happy for every single one of them.
Super Drama Blood and Angst (aka Rainbow Bridge) by dynamite (Haikyuu!!, fic, OiKage)
The Making of... The Meganes by winterstuck (TeniPuri, gif comic, Meganes)
In Practice by winterstuck (TeniPuri, gif comic, Tango)
Face to Face by winterstuck (HikaGo, art, Sai&Kouyou)
Poor Sanada by winterstuck (TeniPuri, gif, Ato/Everyone)
Let's Play Go by Winterstuck (HikaGo, fanart, Hikaru&Sayuri)
Let's Play by gabbiness (HikaGo, fanart, Hikaru&Sayuri)

(Just... omg, I love you all, and I can't believe two people drew art of my darling little reincarnated Sai.)

Bonus Bonus Round:
In The Bushes by luckycricket33 (Angelic Layer, fanart, Ringo & Misaki)
My eyesight is stolen! by winterstuck (TeniPuri, gif, AtoRyo&Yukimura)
Eagle~! by miyukitty (Hikaru no Go, fanart, Akira/Hikaru)


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