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A Senju and (later) Uchiha-centric fic series regarding the story of two families in extremely turbulent times.

Central Questions- What makes a hero? Who gets to be heroic? What makes a family?

And maybe most central: what do you do when the whole world falls apart?


So this fic series is a bit more experimental in nature than I had first set out to do, but “all this scarcity promotes” is the first of a series of six rather small fics, embodying six different povs over the span of roughly 42 years (from 1907 to 1949).

This is a nontraditional SI narrative told primarily through outside POV (though we will be seeing Touka’s for one of the six) and since Touka died at what I’ve pegged to be roughly age 14 in her last life, her narrative impact has less to do with maturity, knowledge of canon, or ability to manipulate people, but instead through connection, and the way that our myriad web of social connections really has a much larger and lasting impact than we generally assume.

On another note, regarding the differences from typical SI fics, this fic series is also a Chinese Republic Era AU, or at least, takes a lot of inspiration from the physical place, and the social and political issues that plagued the era.

The early half of the 20th century was one of great upheaval and change in China, featuring the collapse of the last imperial dynasty, the rise of local warlordism, steady invasion from Japan and the West, conflicting centers of political thought, a bloody civil war, huge changes in art, literature, technology, and social structure, and vast, vast wealth and technological disparities between regions, people, and movements.

I am definitely no expert on the time period or what its impacts and reach has wrought on our current modernity, but it seems only fair to acknowledge that this fic series takes a lot of inspiration from the social and political changes that influenced the era, and that I see a lot of parallels between it and the canonical Warring Clans Era. What little we do see of that time period shows huge changes in social structure, political thought, and eventually, structure of government.

Which is all to say that this might be a bit too meta and too serious for what amounts to be, in the end, a Naruto fanfic, but hey, I thought it would be fun to mention if any readers ever wonder “from where has the author gotten all of these plot/setting details and or themes??”

In any case, welcome aboard. This is the world of “Six” — one filled with magical ninjas, societal collapse, invasion, battery powered flashlights, and an angry young man with his accidentally adopted weird kid.


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