Take Me to Twisted Wonderland

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All Adriana wanted to do was work at her part-time job and take yet another year off before heading to university. Getting whisked away to another dimension where some people vaguely resemble Disney characters at 3 A.M., attending an all-boys university and becoming a part-time student alongside a talking, pyrokinetic cat weren't apart of the plan.

Now she's stuck trying to find a way to contact her family and searching for the answer for who took her there and why, while dealing with cleaning up her friend's messes, rampaging dorm leaders, and handing in her assignments on time. Trying to keep her head on straight with all this isn't exactly a walk in the park.

(My own take on the game where the player character has an actual presence and personality and NRC is an university, containing many twists along the way.)


• Since Night Raven College is an actual university, aspects of the school and story in general have been altered. But the supernatural elements of the story remain the same.
• All of the canon characters have been aged up by a few years.
• All of the NRC and RSA students in this AU are 18+ adults.
• All of the "chapters" beyond the Pomefiore arc will be completely original and different from the game.
• All of the special events besides Fairy Gala and Wish Upon a Star along with possibly Bean Day will be omitted completely.
• The worldbuilding will be completely different from the game was well.
• A lot of parts of the story will vastly differ from the game in general to keep things more entertaining.
• Huge shout out goes to Shel_BB, Otome Ayui, Kanadesmusingsblog and AmiYoshiko along with all the translators on the wiki. I can’t read kanji/katakana or speak Japanese, so they’re a huge help for me to understand what’s going on. Thank you for your hard work, you guys.


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