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Taiga and Wataru have an impossible goal: to put an end to the violence between the humans and the Fangire. The stakes are high, and those who prefer things the way they are pose a constant danger. Combine that with the typical trials of starting and raising families, and the brothers could be biting off more than they can chew.

But they have their friends, both old and new, by their side, and God help anyone who tries to mess with this growing extended family.


3 Upcoming fics:
'Moving On': Wataru meets a girl shortly after Mio's death. But he doesn't know whether he's betraying his first love by falling again so quickly or not.
'Old Wounds': Nago Keisuke and Megumi are starting a family. But both have issues of their own regarding family that they need to deal with before they can be comfortable moving forward.
'Lineage': Drama has followed the King of the Fangire Race ever since there has been a King. Lust, pride, and paranoia have ended reigns for the past six hundred years.

I also have some ideas for fics revolving around Maya's past, Yuri becoming a mother, the Arms Monsters, Otoya's family both before his death and after, and the origins of the Checkmate Four/Five. A fic that possibly will happen is an AU crossover with my 'Transformers' AU 'Ties That Bind', more specifically the story 'Recruitment', which is already up.

Notable characters will be dreamcast. Pretty much all the Japanese actors will have been in Kamen Rider or Super Sentai, since I'm not all that familiar with actors outside those franchises. Here's what I have so far:
Chōko Yamamoto: Haruka Suenaga (BoukenPink)
Mari Yamamoto: Mitchi Love (Heart Queen)
CPL. Katsurō Shirakawa: Hiroaki Iwanaga (Kamen Rider Birth I and Space Sheriff Shaider II)
Caitlin Shirakawa (née Hanna): Caterina Scorsone (best known as Dr. Amelia Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, but I chose her for her role as Jess Mastriani on Missing)
Daichi Kuroda: Dōri Sakurada (Kamen Rider New Den-O)
Flynn Shirakawa: Hikaru Yamazaki (young ToQ 4) as a child, and Masaya Kikawada (reboot Kamen Rider 1) as he gets older
Mio Ichijo: Suzuka Morita (ShinkenYellow and Shelly)
Akio Hachisuka: Shōgo Suzuki (ShinkenGreen)
Other dreamcast actors include: Nana Akiyama, Rin Takanashi, Gaku Sano, Rina Aizawa, Ryōta Ozawa, Riria, Erina Mano, Erina Nakayama, Honoka Ando, Mitchi Love, Kazuki Namioka, Manpei and Shinpei Takagi, Kanako Maeda, Haruka Tomatsu, Shigeki Hosokawa, Azusa Watanabe, Sayuri Uchida, Keiya Asakura, Arisa Komiya, Ayuri Konno, Kenji Ōba, Mako Ishino, Alexis Denisof, Alyson Hannigan, and possibly Kristy Wu, Chloe Bennet, Rami Malek, and Salma Hayek.


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