Hope will never die

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NOT SPOILER FREE (though there are no major plot twists so dont worry too much)

Rex and Ahsoka escape Order 66 on Mandalore, and decide to stay together and hide in plain sight as part of Mandalore's civilian population

While the galaxy grows darker under the oppressive regime of the Empire, Rex and Ahsoka welcome a new life into the galaxy.

Their daughter picks the name Jaig, and grows up to become a strong Mandalorian warrior

After losing her parents to the Empire, Jaig is send back in time and joins the Grand Army of the Republic

She becomes close with her uncle, Fives, and saves him from his fate. After this she is forced to come clean about who she is.

After forming a friendship with her father, her mother comes back into the picture when they're about to take back her home planet.

With her parents at her side and the warnings about the dark future came form, Jaig tries to do her part in preventing the disaster that struck her parents and the galaxy

And figure out what to do after that



This fic was very loosely inspired by Fire Emblem Awakening, but it only takes the basis of the plot from it. And the title of this series.

How time travel works

Basically the future is a separate timeline and will not be changed by changing the past. Changing the past will create a new future though. However, the past will try to become the old future. So anything left to chance will happen the same way it did before, you can only change the future if you put effort into doing so. So no grandfather paradox or accidental butterfly effect.

Fics in this series:

Civvies on Mandalore
The first timeline, in which Jaig is born. It covers how Rex and Ahsoka got together, how Jaig was born, her childhood and eventually the loss of her parents, and how she went back in time
A New Start in a New Time
Jaig arrives in the past and joins her father’s company after her mother left the army
Biochips and Conspiracies
Jaig is shipped out for the first time, to Ringo Vinda. Sadly, uncle Tup isn’t doing well
ARC Training
Jaig is promoted to ARC trooper and trains with her uncle. Then, they receive a message from her mother
Return to Mandalore
The 332nd is send to Mandalore, to assist Ahsoka in fighting Maul
A Prophecy Fulfilled
Revenge of the Sith in this timeline
Return to Mandalore Pt. 2
The Siege continues, and the 332nd confronts Maul
A New Start in the Current Time (In progress)
The war ends and the clones will have to find a new life
Civvies on Naboo (Planned)
Epilogue about how all the characters live after the war


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