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After Sozin's Comet, Iroh comes back to the Fire Nation to live with Zuko. On their way home (about halfway through this fanfic series), the two former Fire princes encounter a small child who becomes very precious to them both. A happy ending, tons of fluff and family bonding, some hurt/comfort, and some action near the climax. Romance is not a big story element, but future Jinko is implied.


This is a post-canon Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic series that ignores the comics (which I have not read as of posting this) and Legend of Korra (which I have not watched as of posting this)--everything after "Sozin's Comet" is treated as a "blank slate" here. Also, as the tags mention, the later stories include a child fancharacter of mine, Chiko. There are also a few other, more minor fancharacters from part three on, mostly filling background roles amongst Zuko's retinue.

The first story, "To Everything a Season," can stand alone, but the others will make more sense if you read them in order, particularly once Chiko enters the picture in part four.

This fanfic series was originally posted on my deviantART account (I'm also FeatherQuilt88 there), and was basically my emotional therapy after joining the ATLA fandom and marathoning the DVD set for the first time. In other words... I wanted to surround a CERTAIN JOLLY, AVUNCULAR, TEA-SLURPING OLD FIREBENDER WHO HAD NO RIGHT TO SQUEEZE MY HEART RIGHT OUT OF MY CHEST THE WAY HE DID with comfort and hugs and familial love, and also to explain some of the more ambiguous aspects of his character to my satisfaction. If you feel the same, I hope you enjoy these fics half as much as I enjoyed writing them. This series is the first thing I've put on AO3, and I'm a little nervous, so thank you all in advance for taking a peek. I'm excited to be here! :)


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