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This is an extensive look at all possible outcomes for my fic Home. Including some that previously, I only toyed with.

Pairings: Shane Walsh x OFC Evie Grimes ( twice )
(past/present) Shane Walsh x OFC Evie Grimes turning to (present/future) Daryl Dixon x OFC Evie Grimes...

I have one version posted here now. I will be migrating my story Second Chances, which is my second scenario for Evie x Shane, over to AO3 soon. And when I've gotten my Shane x OFC to Daryl x OFC story started / edited, I'll be posting it here as well.


Home is a look at how Shane' life ( and Evie's ) might have played out if there were no apocalypse -and no past bitterness, to come between them to start with when they reconnect.

Second Chances is a look at how Shane and Evie have gone their seperate ways but they find their way back to each other in the end times, when each needs the other the most. How they fall back into love and this time, become stronger for all their struggles.

(unnamed fic) is a look at Evie and Shane starting off the apocalypse together, how Lori's interventions kinda.. Make the 'old problems' re surface for the two and maybe it makes both see that they put each other on ridiculously high platforms that are now tumbling down.. How friendship sometimes leads to something much more, when Evie starts to get close to Daryl Dixon.. This one will be Daryl x OFC pairing and Shane won't... look like the good guy like he is in the other two stories.. But.. I got the nagging urge to do this thanks to an ask for six sentence sunday, a friend of mine and her amazing take on Daryl Dixon and the encouragement of another amazing friend.


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