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    Helen Cutter went exploring one day and discovered she could travel to the Permian Era, and back, and to other times and places. She wants to change history. But suppose that she discovers that she can also travel to alternate Britains, in alternate universes, with different (or no) versions of everyone she knows? Not everyone she knows agrees with this-- particularly her husband Nick, and his staff, who must deal with the side effect of this break in space/time: invasions of ancient animals. This is the premise behind Life, Refracted, a series of stories told by a variety of characters in (and from) more than one universe within Primeval.

    The primary universes here are birth-world (the universe of Season One), and ARC-universe (the universe of Season Two and Three). There are others, as well. There may be more than one person moving between them.

    When time travel can alter lives, when movement from one place to another can change history, life is refracted, the way light refracts in a prism. Who knows where anyone or anything will end up?

    I am choosing not to use archive warnings here -- be aware that this series contains canon-level violence and events, though not always the same ones.

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