Children of the Isle of the Lost

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The newly United Kingdoms of Auradon didn't think about the consequences of what throwing all of their villains, and old world history they wished to forget, under a magical barrier and lifting the land 500 yards into the air would bring.

Well I'll tell you what, it doesn't encourage reform, nor instill happy go lucky feelings.

The Villains weren't about to give up the lives they dreamed of, they still were sleazy, lazy sorts of people. If they wanted an easier life and someone to blame and listen to their woes, they were going to need new loyal followers, AKA children.

Those who didn't particularly kill to have more mouths to feed, still found themselves creating and fighting to have brats of their own, if only to survive. After all Maleficent's iron grip on the Isle left little other options for them, not when everyone knows if you cross the less than sane dragon you get killed.

How do their descendants overcome all the challenges created by the ignorance of Auradon, and how will they fall on the cosmic scales.

Follow the stories as the world unravels before your eyes on the FanFiction Universe based from the book "The Isle of the Lost" by: Melissa de la Cruz and other great stories.


This series was born in May 2015 when I saw the book on the shelf of my local Wal-Mart.

I didn't have Cable or Dish, and my nose was always in a book or sitting in front of the TV watching Naruto on Netflix, so I hadn't even known there was a movie until I read the book and proceeded to go and google it hoping to find out if there was going to be a second.

Finding out there was a movie, I decided I'd go and buy it the next time I was out at the store... Yeah that took a while for me to remember. I had already written several hundred hand written pages of FanFiction, for this magnificent imagination of our favorite villains children, and with my love for Grimm Fairy Tales I couldn't resist making a very dark alternate story of how much worse life could have been for these children, because no matter how much I love Disney, I can't imagine an Isle filled with the worst of the worst with out making it to dark for their children friendly content.

I have over twelve started FanFiction verses of this book, and the series itself has spread from one really long awesome dream on paper to some much more for me.

I want to be able to share it to it's full potential. That being said since I've decided to post it on both and Ao3, I'm having to make two different stories that end up splitting as FanFiction.Net doesn't allow MA writting to be publish on their site. So while The First Days is more tame of the series it still touches briefly into MA on Ao3.

If you want me to post the M rated Version here please let me know, I want to make the story easier for you to read on the site of your choice without going against's restrictions.


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