The White Pawn's Knight

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Half-elf Karmon is the childhood friend and love of His Royal Highness, Anduin Wrynn, Prince of Stormwind.

When Karmon was orphaned after the Scourge attacked Quel'thalas, she was taken in by Rhonin and Vereesa who, upon discovering her half-human heritage, took her to Stormwind in hopes of finding her family. Instead, she met Anduin one day and managed to convince her guardians to let her stay as a royal guest to keep Anduin company over the years and moved permanently in the palace after his father's disappearance.

She would later be adopted by Valeera Sanguinar after being rescued in Onyxia's lair and would eventually tag along during her training sessions with the young prince. Throughout the years, she's been a constant in Anduin's life and unknown to him, his protector. His Red Knight.

Now, however, when The Vanguard is shot down over a new and mysterious land, Karmon is separated from her prince and thought to be dead to everyone she cares for and must face a world where enemies surround her at every turn and hope seems to diminish a little bit more every day.


This is a gift series to one of my favourite authors Naomida who has graciously allowed me to use her main character and all the others in my story like a shared alternate universe thingamabob! Basically, I'm using her characters to place in my story alongside my characters. My character is a human rogue named Karmon, yes she actually exists as my alliance rogue on the Senjin server. I have also been granted permission to use Draggka, a hunter troll, from another one of my favourite authors, Shadow Phoenix Rider.

To make sure you know who's characters are mine and who are Naomida's and ShadowPhoenixRider's, I'll be putting up notes at the end of each work identifying who they all belong too!

Now, the story will start in MoP and work from there. When we start to gravitate onto another expansion, I'll write it down in the story notes right here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me.


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