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A series of stories following the adventures, dangers, and lives of Bruce Banner, Eli Howlett and their daughter Rio through humans, robots, fellow mutants, giant wolves, Mad Titans and lost loved ones.


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1. A Wolf Amongst Beasts
- Follows Eli and Bruce through the highs and lows of the start of their relationship, as well as the impact of General Ross on their lives. (The Incredible Hulk)

2. Beasts Assemble
- Two years after Bruce and Eli had to separate both are dragged back into each others lives in the form of Loki and his glowing box of doom. Despite the split both are very much still in love with each other. But Eli is holding secrets close to her chest, locked up and boxed away from the world she's changed, she's softer but more protective. A mother. (Avengers Assemble)

3. Evolution of Beasts
- Bruce and Eli are happy, with their daughter Rio, until they're not. Eli is kidnapped whilst out with Rio who only just manages to escape, able to return to the Avenger Tower to alarm the others. The only piece of evidence is a patch of fabric Rio tore off of an attacker. A Hyrda patch. Bruce is lost, broken, scared. He could be a father as long as Eli was there to back him up, but now he has to do it alone whilst working on finding the love of his life and shutting down Hydra. But he can kill two birds with one stone when they arrive in Sokovia and the Hulk catches a wolf's scent. (Age Of Ultron)


4. Daughter of Beasts
- Follows Eli and Bruce's daughter Rio as she struggles with the world around her, the pain of loosing her mother, the growth in her relationship with her father, her new place on Avengers and her attraction to the Maximoff boy that is currently trying to kill them. (Age of Ultron)

5. Civil Beast
- Rio is alone after her parents left Earth, though she's seemingly happy, with Pietro and Wanda at her side, and with the help of Charles they learn to control and strengthen their powers. But that brief flash of happiness is shattered when an Avenger mission with Wanda goes terribly wrong. And that's only just the start. (Civil War)

6. Ragnarok: Power of Beasts
- Trapped, stranded and chained on Sakaar Eli and Bruce find themselves at the mercy of strangers. It's not till the arrival of a old team mate, an old enemy and a new ally that the couple manage their escape. (Thor: Ragnarok)

7. Infinite Beasts
- Bruce arrives back on Earth without Eli, having to painfully leave her behind and hope she survived Thanos. Bruce has to warn what is left of the Avengers that the Mad Titan is coming whilst Eli and Thor make new friends in the shape of Guardians. (Avengers: Infinity War)

8. Endgame: Family Beasts
- Eli's plan to save the world very well may work, but at what cost?? She straps herself in and sacrifices her own life to put things right. (THIS MAY CHANGE WHEN THE MOVIE COMES OUT!!!) (Avengers: Endgame)

9. Beasts: What was and what could be
- Following the actions of Eli in Endgame: Family Beasts, she finds out what the consequences of her choices are. And her struggle with the new order. Can she and Bruce find their way back to one another?? (THIS MAY CHANGE WHEN ENDGAME COMES OUT!!!)


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