Final Fantasy VI/Ghost Trick

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Part of a Ghost Trick Final Fantasy 6 AU created with laughingpineapple and azurefishnets that's spun wildly out of our control and loving every minute of it.

For more read the wonderful works from azurefishnets Opera! Doma! Vector! Fluff!

And the beautiful Per Sempre Ognor from laughingpineapple including a handy spark notes version covering this sprawling au we've created.


Character roles:

Jowd - King of Figaro, vanished and taken by the Empire five years prior
Alma - Queen of Figaro, formerly a princess of Doma. Doma poisoned and destroyed five years prior
Kamila - Princess of Figaro before vanishing five years prior
Cabanela (Primus) - Magic-infused Ambassador from The Empire to Figaro. Vanished back to the Empire five years prior where he worked on trying to rescue Jowd. Lost the last two years of his memory. Deeply in love with his desert King and Queen
Pigeon Man (Cidgeon) - Researcher for the Empire and Cabanela's foster father, albeit rarely admitted
Lynne - Guardian to Kamila before things went wrong, currently a Returner and point of contact for Alma
Missile - Everyone's favourite top pom rescued by Lynne from the Veldt
Memry - Airship flying extraordinaire and old friend of Cabanela's
Amelie - Best friend of Kamila before Kamila went missing.
Sissel - Half-Esper taken by the empire
Yomiel - Father to Sissel and partner to Cait Sissel. Lost Sissel to the Empire, failed his revenge and wanders...
Cait Sissel - Esper mother to Sissel. Taken by the Empire after the Esper World was invaded
Phantom - A lost Esper seeking their love and an unexpected ally to Cabanela

Sith - Emperor
Dr. Asbolus - Top scientist in charge of magic experimentation and magitek
General Beauty - A general of the Empire
General Cabanela (Secundus) - Feared magitek knight. A twisted Magitek copy of Cabanela himself


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