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The Kids Next Door Gameverse is an ongoing fanfiction crossover series. It begins after the ending of Codename: Kids Next Door and contains a massive array of crossovers from Nintendo, Avatar, Anime, and almost any series you can think of. All the crossovers exist in an organic, cohesive manner, in which all their backgrounds and concepts are written to co-exist under unique contexts. There is virtually no limit to the types of crossovers featured: whether they're kid-friendly games to M-rated horror, silly cartoon characters to gory anime characters, the Gameverse finds a way to work anything in. The crossovers even range from popular, common series to series most people may not have heard of.

The Gameverse begins as the Kids Next Door are entering a wide new universe, learning of the existence of alien races, gods, and meeting people with super-powers. As the KND combat more powerful villains and face new challenges, they continue to learn the secrets of the universe, grow stronger individually and as a team, and learn to deviate from their old traditions.


Be warned that the first few stories have pretty cringe-worthy writing. The writing steadily gets better over time, and the story becomes much more engaging during the Nextgen Series. If you want, you can begin the Gameverse starting from the Nextgen Series since the writing and characters are improved, however some of the concepts may come off as confusing without reading the First Series.

Also, keep in mind that you don't have to be a KND fan to enjoy the series. Although you may be confused on the first story and miss a few references, the series evolves into its own canon.

In terms of tone, most stories in the Gameverse are T-rated for swearing, violence, as well as occasional, very dark themes. However, the overall tone of the series is a light-hearted, friendly, open atmosphere. Most of the characters are presented as colorful and friendly, but the plot-lines involved go into complex themes. The characters assume serious, focused demeanors during intense missions, but will always make time for fun banter in-between.

One of the quirks of the series is that some stories are written like a videogame. In most stories, characters will make their way through "stages," fighting past hordes of enemies, solving puzzles, and generally exploring the diverse worlds. I will also signify when to play certain music tracks befitting the stage or situation. (While this is mostly my own unique way of writing the story, keep in mind that there are in-universe reasons as to why it feels like a game.)

Regardless, once you are immersed in the Gameverse, you will be on an exciting journey, full of diverse locations, fun and likeable characters, complex stories, deep philosophies, and relatable morals.


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