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What browsers is the Archive compatible with?

We aim to keep the Archive compatible with the current releases of commonly-used desktop browsers, e-readers, screen readers, and the default browsers of most iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

If you find the site is not behaving as expected in your browser, please contact Support.

Do I need any plugins, extensions, or other tools to browse the Archive?

Some Archive features will not work without JavaScript enabled. If you're having difficulties, you should check that JavaScript is enabled. One of our top priorities is ensuring that people without JavaScript still have access to essential features; however, please be aware that for some secondary features, this won't be possible. If JavaScript is enabled and you find the site is not behaving as expected in your browser, please contact Support.

You should still be able to use AO3 well without JavaScript, but certain features–like the Rich Text editor–rely on JavaScript and may not function correctly.

Optionally, there are some user-created scripts and other tools to further customize your experience on the site. They're listed in the Unofficial Browser Tools FAQ.

How do I access works on the Archive?

To find works from a specific fandom, navigate to that fandom's Works page. On a fandom's Works page, you can filter the results to find works that you're interested in. Alternatively, use the search box to search for specific works. For more information on how to search, filter, and browse works on Archive of Our Own (AO3), please refer to the Searching and Browsing Fanworks FAQ.

When you find works that you're interested in, you can access them by selecting the work's title, which is a link that will bring you to the work's page. You can access works directly in your web browser or you can download them for later. For instructions on how to download works from AO3, please refer to the Downloading Fanworks FAQ.

How do I access works in a series? How do I navigate between multiple works in a series?

A series is a set of works that a creator has linked together, usually because they form a sequence or share a common universe. You access a series work in the same way you access a non-series work (visit "How do I access works on the Archive?" for more information). However, works in a series have a link to the series' index page, as well as links to the previous or next work in that series.

For further information on series and navigating between the works in a series, please refer to our Series FAQ.

Can I access multi-chapter works as one long document?

Yes! If a work is displayed chapter-by-chapter, select "Entire Work" to display all chapters on one page. In the default site skin, this is shown as a button at the top of the page. You can also set "Entire Work" as your default view in your Preferences. For instructions on how to set this option in your preferences, refer to How can I load entire works rather than going chapter by chapter?

Can I access multi-part works chapter-by-chapter?

Yes! This option is enabled by default. If the entire work is displayed on a single page, select "Chapter by Chapter" to enable the chapter-by-chapter view for that work only. In the default skin, this is a button at the top of the work. By default, the "Chapter by Chapter" option takes the user to Chapter 1.

When "Chapter by Chapter" is selected, there are further options to control navigation. These are "Previous/Next Chapter" and "Chapter Index". In the default site skin, both are shown as buttons at the top of the work. The "Chapter Index" is a list of the chapters currently available in the work. In the default site skin with Javascript enabled, the "Chapter Index" shows as a drop-down menu.

A Full-page index is also available, which is the Chapter Index in a web page. To access the Full-page index, select the "Chapter Index" button, then select the "Full-page index" button beside the "Chapter Index" menu. Note that the Chapter Index menu and the Full-page index button are only accessible if you have Javascript enabled. If you're accessing the site without Javascript, the Chapter Index button will bring you to the Full-page index instead of displaying a menu.

To set "Chapter by Chapter" as the default viewing option, go to your Preferences (as described in the Preferences FAQ), go to the Display section, untick the "Show the whole work by default" option, then select "Update".

Can I disable custom formatting (work skins) on works?

Yes! We allow people to manually code a limited amount of formatting into their works with HTML, but more complex formatting and styling (different fonts, colored text, etc) is applied using CSS from a work skin. For information on creating and using skins, refer to the Skins and Archive Interface FAQ.

If there is a custom skin enabled on a work, you can disable it by selecting "Hide Creator's Style," which reverts the work to the site skin set in your preferences. In the default skin, "Hide Creator's Style" is a button at the top of the page. To disable all custom CSS skins, go to your Preferences and enable "Hide work skins (you can still choose to show them)".

If you set your preferences to "Hide work skins (you can still choose to show them)", you can still enable custom work skins on individual works. On a work with a disabled custom skin, there is an option to "Show Creator's Style". In the default skin, this is shown as a button on the top of the page. Selecting this option will enable the custom skin for that work only.

How do I keep track of works I want to access later?

If you're logged in to your Archive of Our Own (AO3) account, you can add works to a list for later access with the "Mark for Later" function. Please refer to the History and Mark for Later FAQ to find more information on this feature.

You can also use Bookmarks to mark works for later access. Refer to the Bookmarks FAQ for more information on this feature.

For more information on how to obtain an AO3 account, refer to our Invitations FAQ.

Can I print from the Archive?

Yes! Archive of Our Own (AO3) automatically formats the work page for printing. Just select "Print" from your browser and printer-friendly formatting will be applied automatically.

Can I download works to access on a portable device?

Yes! Refer to our Downloading Fanworks FAQ.

How can I find works in languages other than English on the Archive?

You can filter works by language on the Works page for a particular fandom or tag. You can also use languages as a search criteria on the Advanced Search page. Please refer to the Searching & Browsing FAQ for details.

Where can I get more information if my question isn’t answered here?

Some frequently asked questions about the Archive are answered in other sections of the Archive FAQ, and some common terminology is defined in our Glossary. Questions and answers about our Terms of Service can be found in the Terms of Service FAQ. You may also like to check out our Known Issues. If you need more help, please submit a Support request.