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  1. No if it was self insert it would called my name but reader insert can be in any tense as long as the reader can pretend they are the person in the story

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    1. Some people see that as self insert form. It doesnt matter if it doesnt have your own name. Cause if you wrote someone "i made a cake" who are you talking about? yourself. If you say "You made a cake" you are talking about the person who reads it. Basic rules of points of wiew.

      I'm not trying to diss you just stating an opinion some might have

      Sorry if I sounded rude.

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      1. You didn't sound rude and i have no issues with getting criticism on my work. I checked your point out with Tumblr (because i started to panic that i had done everything wrong this whole time) and the general consensus seems to be that either reader insert and self insert are the same or that self insert would be the author adding theirselves to the story so it would be the author's name and description. Reader insert means that the reader can put theirselves in the story no matter what tense is used.

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        1. Literary Conventions

          Reader-Insert fic is usually F/M, with the reader assumed to be female. However, they exist across a broad range of genders and personal identities. Details about the reader-protagonist are often either kept vague, or filled in with placeholders. These are often single-letter abbreviations for words with a slash between the letters. They can include:

          Y/N for "your name,"[3] or _______ or [Name] for the reader's name(l/n) for "last name": more common in Japanese fandoms [4](h/c) and (e/c) for "hair color" and "eye color"

          There are no standard conventions for abbreviations; each author either makes up their own or imitates the ones used in fics they enjoyed.


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          1. I don't like adding those abbreviations as I find they make it harder to enjoy the story. It's perfectly acceptable for me to call my stories reader insert and no one else has ever had an issue with me calling them reader inserts.

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