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  1. Really loved this, especially Desrae - what a bombshell she is and a good man to boot! Well paced story, all brought to a searing climax. Napoleon's backstory is interesting and tragic - behind the cool, sophisticated exterior is the frightened boy, abused by a shrink - oy vay! I see this was posted back in 2013 - where was I? How come I didn't find this fandom before??

    Anyway, hon, thank you for writing this and sharing - I will not able to listen to the theme tune to the show without conjuring up an image of Illya, baby oil and a Napoleon in the throes of the grandmother of all orgasms. So - well done :oP
    Bright Blessings/

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    1. So glad you enjoyed it. I have got to get back to writing. Maybe something based on the movie version of these two wonderful spies.

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