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  1. :))) my favorite parts:

    He changed into his tactical gear and began to strap on weapons. By the time he was finished, he could destroy a small army. Which was exactly the plan. Although for Steve, he would walk in armed with just his metal arm and his teeth. > YES.

    Bucky pulled back his fist one more time and thought of Steve, his smiles, the way he looked at him even when Bucky was broken, how much Bucky loved him, the fact that Bucky could see him again if he could just get through this fucking door. And with a roar he punched the door one last time and it flew a dozen feet away from him... > the fact that Bucky pictured his love in order to channel his strength and rage.

    “You okay, Stevie?” Bucky asked concernedly, checking Steve over for injuries more closely. Apart from the bruises on his face and the cut on his temple, Steve seemed to be favoring one side. “I’ll be fine, just a few cracked ribs,” Steve muttered. Bucky went momentarily rigid before he drew one of his pistols and shot one of the men lying on the floor. Steve gave him an unimpressed look. “You already killed that one, Buck.” “I know,” Bucky declared. “But he has the most bruises on his knuckles, so it made me feel better.”

    “Thanks for coming for me,” Steve said into Bucky’s neck as they drove back to the tower. Bucky felt Steve’s body flush against his, his heart still beating strongly, the breath that brushed against Bucky neck every time Steve exhaled, Steve’s arms around his waist. “Always, punk,” he murmured, unsure if Steve heard him over the wind until he heard his response. “Jerk.” > *sighs happily*

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    1. You just made my night! Thanks so much for commenting, I'm so glad you liked it! It's so cool that you pointed out specific parts you liked, I really appreciate it!

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