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  1. Okay, I must admit that this might be my absolute favourite tfc fic out of all I've read so far (and let me tell you I've read them all). The way you express Andrew, the wordings you use, phrases - it's all so insanely fitting and perfect (a big word!!,) I sometimes had to stop
    reading, to process what I just read, not entirely believing this is what you wrote because it was so good and spot on.
    We all know Neil and Andrew aren't soft or gentle since they just never could be this way with anyone. Witnessing Andrew wanting these three magical words, him panicking and trying to escape it - I don't know but in my opinion it's so real, so good and probably how Andrew would react.
    So basically, what I'm trying to say is that you've done an excellent job on writing in Andrew's POV and keeping this all so perfectly in character.
    Still, every author kinda creates their own version of the character they're writing in or about, even though they almost always manage to let it be in character. That's just how it is and I love that. And I guess I now found my absolute favourite Andrew (like, seriously I died reading this because of how greatly you've wrote him).
    And the most beautiful thing (which I myself haven't ever read something this beautiful) is this part:
    >> "Your boyfriend."[...]
    "That’s not what Neil is,” Andrew tells him calmly, eyes back on the ceiling.
    “Your soulmate, then,”<<
    I literally gasped when I read that calling Neil his boyfriend is not what Andrew wants. And I always thought that's because Andrew doesn't want this to have a label or name on. Like, you know, it's too cheesy, too coupley for him. He can't stand that.
    I never thought that the word just simply wasn't enough to describe Neil. He isn't just a boyfriend you fool around with and then it's over... He's much more than that. An actual soulmate. Gosh I CAN'T EVEN EXPRESS MY FEELINGS AAH.
    Welp, okay. I made this comment unnecessarily long, sorry. But I hope you... uh, kinda got what I was trying to get across (welp, if not: I just tried to tell you how much I love this fic and that I can't wait for more (from you)!)

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    1. Oh my God, thank you so much!!! What a lovely comment!!! ♡
      I'm thrilled that you liked my Andrew! And thank you for pointing out your favorite line! :') ♡

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