Comment on Point Me in the Direction of a Helping Hand

  1. Elective affinities.
    I'm quite glad that Dwalin found someone who could be helped by his problem/unwanted abilities.
    Also bunny <3
    And the moments those two spend together are so sweet, sigh~

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    1. I think Dwalin is actually quite clever for not helping in the way the new skill intended? The skills people get aren't always the best way to solve a problem.. Pooling their pickpocketed earnings would not have really solved Nori's problem. Nori's acquired skill served him much better.

      I definitely meant to add in a note at the end that they go with Tusal and friends and arrest the money lender who was bothering Nori. Dwalin's relationship with Nori also leads to them dealing with many bad dwarves in Erebor. He gets to make the city better.

      Dwalin is way too squishy on the inside to be anything other than a bunny. Clearly Tusal figured this out.

      I'm glad! They're just babies who are still realizing how much they love each other.

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      1. Ah ok, I misunderstood that part, my bad XD
        I'm glad things turn out for the best for them and they get to know and explore each other usually (I'm working with my imagination for this XD)

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