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  1. OHMYGOD YES I LOVE CYOAs!!!!!!!! *fist pump*
    The first option sounds pretty good, I think you should do that one!
    Can't wait!!! XD
    Stay creepy!

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    1. Haha, okay thanks! XD I'll add yours to an equation once more people respond. Ya know, cuz I'm too lazy to make a poll on Quotev and link it on here. :D Also, thank you for reading this crap. After I've done a few more chapters I'll go back and revise the first few. I'm not happy with them. They seem kinda...rushed? I think I should put more detail into them. Especially since I've (mostly) figured out the plot now. Reader's mom being the daughter of Zalgo at first was a last minute thing. The murder scenes could be worked on as well. But, you live and you learn! Thanks a whole bunch! ~Tauriyel

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