Comment on As the Mirror Cracks from Side to Side

  1. Ancalagon and the sheep, really, are what started this whole thing. Well, among other things, of course, like the excuse for all the fluff we can't get in the original cannon. And of course Melkor would still take up the whole bed, haha! I can't even imagine him doing otherwise. Such a jokester and, as you said, always so willing to...erm, "help".

    I really enjoyed being able to show Mairon's more compassionate side. I mentioned somewhere else, that a person's nature is so fluid and there is always so much potential for change. Mairon could easily return to the more compassionate personality he had before his fall, if given half a chance (especially in this verse, at any rate, since we set this so early and Melkor is there with him given that same potential for change).

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