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  1. Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun writing this, and being able to write them in a situation where there wasn't any subtext or war behind them, but rather space for love and calm, was a nice change.


    I can just see Melkor standing in a meadow, arms spread out, flowers and little bunnies and squirrels springing up from the ground around him.

    Haha, what an image this paints! Perhaps Mairon saw it, too, and quickly took back the request for small creatures to pop up out of the ground with the rain. (It makes me happy you enjoyed that scene, though; I rewrote it a few times until I felt it worked well, and I am very glad you liked how it turned out! Melkor is extremely powerful, and that power was needed in a way that was not used for death or destruction. Quite the opposite! And I imagine he rarely shows that effort for good very often.)


    The humor was a lot of fun, too. I do not write humor often (and Naamah_Beherit takes it on much better than I do, I think!), but I really enjoyed writing both scenes with Saruman, and his interaction with Mairon. I've always seen him as so serious, and likely easy to rile up with just a few simple words - and of course Mairon would know exactly how to do that, wouldn't he? Even if the statue with Mairon's face and Curumo's name was an accident, Mairon would still play it up for that wonderful reaction.

    Haha, Merry and Pippin stumbling across their mountain, what a scene that would be! If I do come back to this AU world, that would certainly be a great story to write.

    Thank you very much for your reviews, and also for reading! I am so, so glad you enjoyed this, I really am.

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