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  1. Shader brings sexy back.

    So aside from the typo, what did you think of the chapter??

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    1. Well, tbh my first reaction was this mental image.
      Karkat: *realizes*
      Karkat (relatively quietly): (OH FUGG)
      Karkat (normal volume): DAT FUGGER SDOLE MY CHIPS!

      ...okay, okay, immature moment over. Seriously though, this was... disturb-adorable? disdorable? Something like that. The Gods are trying really really hard to not break Karkat's brain too badly, and kind of failing.
      Karkat, meanwhile, just vaguely /expects/ everything that happens to him ever to suck hard; so when it's only mildly off-putting and mind-breaking... well then that's nice, he guesses. At least they tried. Not that that's going to stop Karkat from freaking out internally, but.

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