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  1. It's been a pretty interesting day so far but there was just something missing before it's over and that was to get into some nice smutty reads!
    And who else to come to aid but you dear thunder, with your most recent and lovely addition to the ObiZen collection! (^w^)v
    But praise should be saved until the end lest you start to feel whelmed by mine's, now on with the review! :D

    Oh hoh? Are we going for the classic b-day celebration theme??
    There's so much to be had with such an opportunity and after the previous development it'll definitely be a treat!
    Oh boy Obi, you're in for it now~ >:3c
    Zen is 20 here, is he around that age in the manga or has more time passed since? Well, at least we don't have to worry over legal details.

    Hm, so they couldn't celebrate it together at first since everyone and their mother was invited to celebrate. Hmph! :T
    Obi sure was sociable in the scene this time, it surely caught Zen's eye by the end. Oooooh~ (vibrating excitedly) How generous of Zen to gift Obi when it's supposed to be his day of celebrating. How could sweet, unsuspecting Obi refuse? (~w~)
    But still, it was pretty sneaky of Zen to orchestrate such a feat. And though he may have manipulated him a little, it was all done for the sake of bringing them closer together. Obi accepted it and was satisfied by the end (also during the middle of it as well~) so nothing non-con about it. Nice of you to make that clear by the end! ;)

    Whoo that was one hawt trip! My mind's still cloudy after reading those sinfully sedictive scenes. Now it's all fluffy and quiet and I definitely have reached my limit. Excellent work as usual dear, I'm glad to have caught up on your works and that with the next one I will be there when it updates! So long for now, take care until next time! (=w=)/

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    1. There is honestly no better way to end a day than some nice smut, I must say ;)

      I don't remember if his exact age is mentioned, but this is supposed to be set a while after the series. The wiki says he's 19, so then it fits :)

      Thank you for reading! So glad you enjoyed ♥♥

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