Comment on The Clay Hound

  1. Oh, yay, I'm so glad you like it!! I was worried that I had made Lucian seem too young since you said you didn't want adolescent type storylines. And I didn't intend him to be that young, but I did feel with his more sheltered upbringing he wouldn't be exactly mature either. *relieved sigh*

    I was very undecided at first about which pairings or characters I wanted to concentrate on. I did consider Centurion/Fugitive, but the similarities in Lucian and Catus's stories drew me to exploring their relationship. They both seemed like they were having a hard time finding a way to fit into their worlds, and I liked the idea of them finding a path together.

    I really grew to love Catus as I wrote him. He was fun to write--a lot different than many Sutcliff characters. I think the first scene that really developed for me was the one where he helps Lucian see the beauty in an ordinary oil lamp, and their dynamic developed from there. I wish I'd had more time to develop Maccis and Eutuches, but alas, I did not. And yay that it seemed sufficiently Roman. I really wanted to do more research into Roman medicine and how they might have approached a case like Lucian's, but again, no time. But I'm glad you enjoyed it so much as it was, and thank you for this lovely and thoughtful comment! :)

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