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  1. First, I should let you know that I have not seen whatever film or read whatever book this is from, but still enjoyed it immensely as its own story. I like Michael, who is is whimsical sort of person and your narrative voice brings us along on this very whimsical fate. WHile we don't really "meet" any of the merpeople per say, some how this line: "people who are calm, and kind and tolerant - " speaks volumes for them. As does the following line ;P

    "(Incidentally there aren’t any mosquitoes or tropical diseases on the island, this not being one of those grimly realistic alternate universes like that.)" I almost dies when I read this. There are some cases where narrative self awareness doesn't really jive, but this is not one of those cases.

    It's beautifully done. A slow golf clap from me, who appreciates beautifully done things. (Also, I love reading your stuff on this site SO MUCH MORE than I do design work in the really real world, and the look of that site just kills me. Never mind the functionality. So I am relived I can follow you here!)

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    1. Wow! A review! Thanks so much! Basically I just posted the story and left with little expectation that anyone would ever read it, given that for some strange reason Alan Partridge fics (it's based on a fantastically funny British TV series and a slightly less fantastic 2013 film) don't exactly seem to be the hottest things on the internet at the moment. But, in a world where people can and do write 'Hot Fuzz' slash, sometimes very convincingly, I thought, 'well you never know'. So it's great to hear you enjoyed the story - and I was especially chuffed that you liked it not having already seen the show. (Actually, given that the story's got only two hits and the other one was me checking it looked OK when I put it up, this definitely counts as the most popular thing, reader-response-wise, I've ever written.) (Hooray!...although given the subject material I usually like this isn't saying much.)

      Yes, I agree this is a great, good-looking site. I'm not an especial fan of myself, but until I found out about this archive, it seemed the safest place to stash the dodgy X-rated stuff.

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