Comment on Comparing and Contrasting the Worlds of Thedas and 21st Century Earth

  1. OK sooooooo... just going to do it this way so other peeps can follow along.

    This is what they're having a chat over.

    So the only things I have against this is... bit hard to become an apprentice as an adult. You don't belong to any guild and have no proof of mastery according to their system. You have zero credibility without being able to produce a piece. You can't produce a piece without a loom. People with a loom are probably not going to let you use it for a mastery test, as they are going to be using it or not likely to let an untested stranger touch their nice loom.

    So you're going to need to be able to find someone willing to make you a loom. Depending on how the guild in that area operates you may or may not be able to find someone willing to do so, as the guild may have loom production at that level on restriction.

    In the event of a survival situation, never rely on one plan. Always have a backup plan. The way your box and plan is, you're heavily dependent on the off chance you may be able to actually weave something. Because it is a rare day you take a mastery exam with a pre-made work. Someone is going to ask who trained you and what your credentials are. You won't have any.

    You have a plan destined to fail because it is so inflexible. You are entirely relying on people taking you at your word. You're a foreigner who has almost zero useful skills. (I say almost as the only skill I trust you have at this point is in weaving, as that's all you're apparently relying on.) No one will trust you, you're too old to be an apprentice, no one will believe you are anything near even journeyman level, and the odds you succeed at getting your own loom are very slim (pending on availability of parts, proper craftsmen, and timeframe).

    So. Allu votes this plan is slightly unfeasible. Sorry, she operates on real world logic, not optimistic hopes that people will trust other people. Humans are a very insular species when faced with people from outside the community.

    Also. Kirkwall for a year? The city that closed its borders and required serious bribery to get in? And then once you got in you were almost guaranteed to be dragged into madness?

    Jesus. Go for a year to somewhere out of the bloody way that speaks English. So a nice big city in Ferelden that has the most boring description in your mind. The more boring g it is, the less likely something happens. Safety lies in mediocrity and not drawing attention to yourself.

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