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  1. Finally read the first chapter of this.. OMG! I've been waiting for this story since I finished the lord of the rings (for the first time)! Your writing complements the world of Tolkien so well that to me this is a worthy sequel.
    A few things I wanted to point out in no particular order- I how you wrote Bilbo and Frodo, especially Bilbo, since we get to hear more of his voice in this chapter. They are both frightfully spot on - I just can't even! You've are doing wonders for me, seriously! I've missed those characters and reading them in this story feels like reading a continuation of the Lord of the Rings.
    The esoteric in this fic - amazing! The part with Halls of Mandos, the tapestries, Bilbo's conversation with Mandos and your description of the Valar so far - pure brilliance. I could not drop this fic even as the clock neared 3am.
    I also particularly liked Frodo's approach to the Halls. He's his own little tragedy and I love the subtle way you've written him and his journey, as well as his visit to the healers.
    Bilbo ending up as a teacher to Manwe - that made my day!
    And finally Frodo meeting those who have been world poisoned (I'm guessing Feanor, his sons, Celebrimbor and more) is something that I'm really looking forward to! I can't wait to see what they would have to say to each other!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Ahh, this is a lovely comment to get - thank you! And I'm glad I was able to add on to the joy of finishing The Lord of the Rings!

      I really enjoyed just letting my imagination loose on the Halls of Mandos - since it's inhabited by the Dead, it's not exactly bounded by the laws of physical reality, and there was a lot of potential there. And of course Bilbo is as intrepid as ever, in his way!

      And - well, you'll see in the upcoming chapters, but I think you are very much on the right track with what's going to happen...

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