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  1. oh man, i love this. that contrast between sunggyu-on-The-Genius (how he's portrayed, how he portrays himself, the fact that he's among the youngest, the expectations no one has for him) and sunggyu-the-leader-of-Infinite; i love how you bring that out, not least in that crushing first sequence. </3 and ahhh, sunggyu's implied journey here -- how as season 1 progresses, he does everything he wasn't supposed to, proves how sharp and smart he is, defies everyone's expectations, yesss

    and it makes sense that sangmin's the one who comes to the realisation, that he'd know something (but not quite enough) about how the industry works today, that he's watched sunggyu's evolution during The Genius and knows what he's capable of.

    'I hope you win number one.'

    Sunggyu is smiling, but his eyes are hard. 'We will.'

    what a perfect ending!! thanks for this amazing look at kim sunggyu ;_;
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    1. hello!! thank you so much for your lovely comment ;; i'm really glad you liked this even though it's so fragmented orz but yeah when i was watching the first few episodes of s1 it really struck me how differently he was acting as compared to what i was more familiar with when i see him with infinite? i was just like no... he's better than this... and he really did move beyond the clueless persona as the season went on so i was very gratified! and on a total side note i don't know if you've seen the episode of 'witch hunt' where sangmin and sunggyu were guests last year? it's kind of a douchey show lol but just interesting to watch in terms of their dynamic and how differently sunggyu behaves esp when you compare how he was on 'take care of my fridge' filmed at around the same time

      also i would love to follow you on twitter or tumblr if you have accounts there? i haven't met any sunggyu fans (i'm presuming here but let me know if i'm wrong haha) in a long time so it would be nice but only if you don't mind of course ^^

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      1. ahh no thank you for writing this!! i was thrilled when i saw that there was more fic for this fandom, haha ;; but speaking of which, i only got to know sunggyu via the genius, so i guess another reason this fic really worked for me was that i had to make the same realizations as sangmin? like, the bottle switch in zombie game was precisely when i started paying more attention to sunggyu. i've only recently become interested in sunggyu-as-infinite's-leader and how different that whole other side of him is, compared to what we were able to see on the genius.

        (i have seen the witch hunt ep! back when i was just desperately watching variety show appearances of genius players lol yeah, sunggyu's a lot more... subdued? awkward? less in control? in that setting. did you watch s2 of the genius? if you're interested in the sangmin-sunggyu dynamic, then s2e9 is really something...)

        but yeah i'm not a 'proper' sunggyu fan in that i haven't followed his career and i've only listened to his solo stuff ._. sorry to disappoint!! i'm @mereexpedience if you do want to talk about sunggyu or the genius though, haha

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        1. i'm @mndbr! (i tweet ... a lot of nonsense though so idk if you really want to follow me there lmao) but anyway i'm jkvlr.tumblr too! and omg no i haven't seen s2 at all!! i will go and catch up soon, thanks for the rec :D i started off with infinite and got pretty deep into that hole orz but yeah i really like his solo stuff, the album he released last year was one of my favourite k-pop releases of the year (although full disclaimer i am 100% biased HAHA)

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          1. sent a follower request :) and ahh s2 is pretty different so you might not like it... i feel like it's the least favourite season of a lot of fans (including me lol). but you could always skip to sunggyu's guest appearance in ep 9! >_>

            confession: sadly my music tastes make it hard for me to appreciate many infinite songs, i'm probably going to end up watching more of their variety stuff than actually listening to their work....... ._. but i do like sunggyu's solo albums since they're more pop-rock in style

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