Comment on A Way Imogene's Curse Might Have Struck

  1. fractal

    Thank you so much! (I thought that you'd probably guess that it was me writing)
    I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! I was worried that it might be a bit dark for Yuletide.
    Trying to work out where thing would be at was really interesting - I kept worrying that I had missed canon information, but it fascinated me to try and work out people might have survived the curse. If it had hit with the full affect that it had later, it seems to me that most of the population would have died, but clearly enough survived for their society to recover. That is why I wrote it as less strong to start with - I expect that with the growing separation the effect got stronger over the generations.
    I had a few idea about what Anarys's daughter might do, but was told it was too sad to put in the ending (either she was Darkborn - with the idea that the Curse independently affected all conceived children and that she was one of the first born with elementary sonn, or that she was Lightborn and ran away from home as soon as she was of age - embarrassed by her family situation and went to live in one of the growing independent Lightborn settlements in the south. Either way I think she would be a moderately strong mage and involved in research, having been taught by Eliza)

    (Wow - long reply - sorry, started rambling here) :)

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