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  1. I don't actually have a question about your OTW work - but a fandom-related question that specifically has to do with Persian.

    I'm currently working on preparing the Yahoo Groups metadata so fandom volunteers can tag it by fandom or category (we think approximately 1/3 of the nearly 1 million saved groups are fandom, but stats are something we don't have much of until they're properly tagged in a database). When that's done, I'll be sorting tabs of groups by Yahoo category, and - crucially - by *language*, so that fans who are fluent in a particular language will be able to use their knowledge to help. While Google Translate can assist with some things, it has its limitations. And one limitation I've run across is that some of the group descriptions were written in Persian - but *using the Latin alphabet*. Google Translate doesn't know what to do with that, and none of the volunteers so far speak Persian. When we get to the point of having a tab of groups, if I chucked all the groups like that (I can at least recognize Persian written with the Latin alphabet!) onto one tab, is there any chance you would possibly be interested in reading the group descriptions and telling us what those groups are about? I don't think there are very many but I've seen several.

    You may be too busy to help, and I understand if that's the case. (It won't be for a few months yet, too - I have to get the rest of the metadata ready.) If you are, or you know someone else who is, you can join the Yahoo-Geddon Discord here or send me a PM on Dreamwidth. (You can also find my email on my AO3 profile if that works better.)

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