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  1. The last comment made me think about Zach in like 14 or 21 years, and Chris is not around or something and Zach has to explain to someone about what's happening to him and why do they need to get Chris ASAP. I mean, explaining Pon Farr while shooting Star Trek is crazy, but 21 years after it?! XD "I need to explain something to you. 21 years ago I played in the Star Trek movie." "Oh my gad, Zach, please, not another Star Trek story!" XDDD

    Anyway, I really liked the story it was lovely cracky and deliciously porny :D And through most of it I wondered if at some point Leonard is going to call Zach and ask how his first Pon Farr is going XDDD

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    1. Metamorphoventure

      Thanks for reading!

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