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  1. This is absolutely lovely and just how I imagine Raffles to be with hus emotions. He comes across as such a social and confident person but he's really not one for big displays of emotion.

    I too prefer tv Raffles and Bunny to the books. The books are great but the tv verse seems simpler somehow and concentrates more on their love and friendship rather than the more angsty parts. They are both good but I find the tv show more fun. (Plus it has Anthony Valentine in evening dress. :D )

    This was highly enjoyable and I really hope you write more if these two if you feel like it.

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    1. Thank you so much, your comment made me so happy! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Yes, Anthony Valentine in evening wear is one of the major appeals of the tv show! I wish I could steal Raffles’ wardrobe.

      Also are you the person who has uploaded Raffles and Callan to YouTube? (I’m assuming you are because you have the same username, though I apologise if not). If so, thank you so much! I’ve really enjoyed watching both series :D

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      1. I've only just noticed this comment because I'm terrible at checking my messages and emails but yes I'm the same Chippa. Happy to hear you enjoyed them. 😂

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